Our mission at Ydev Academy is to equip our students with the necessary digital and future skills to nurture confident, competent and imaginative professionals brave enough to pursue their ambitions.


To help Africans reach their highest potential through a world class education.


We are empowering the African workforce by teaching in-demand tech skills to help people capture global opportunities.

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Teaching in-demand tech skills to help people capture global opportunities.


Tailored education for the right audience and Africa's emerging workforce.


Talents are intentional about chosen careers, matched with mentors and take a life long learner approach to a constantly changing career landscape.


Talents have access to global opportunities across the world.

Our Story

The traditional education in Africa does not prepare its graduates for the ever-changing workplace. Today’s digital economy requires a rare combination of qualities; advanced technical skills, a high level of collaboration, and adaptability. National and international demand for students with innovative know-how and creative skills will only continue to expand. We founded Ydev Academy to address this disparity. Our mission is to equip our graduates with the necessary in demand and future skills to match the quality of talent in the global market.

We aim to build a community of skilled problem solvers, creating solutions to Africa’s problems through technology. At Ydev Academy, we are committed to delivering the quality education that will change your life for the better. Through in-depth curriculums, accelerated learning, communities, job placements, and mentorship, we ensure our students succeed in the path they have chosen. Technology is the solution to a better Africa. We intend to lead that change.

Our Faculty

Biyi Adebayo

Biyi is a Data Scientist with a degree in engineering. He is interested in utilizing data for solving problems. In his toolbox are languages and softwares like Python, SQL, R, PowerBI and Tableau. He has taken on a few Machine Learning projects. He had brief stints in the automobile and education sector before venturing into Tech. He is a firm believer in out-of-school learning and he considers technology a vital tool for delivering effective education. He relishes every opportunity to teach.

Lotachukwu Ibe

Lota is a Junior Software Engineer working at the intersections of Data, Technology and Education. He has experience in Software development and Machine Learning and is interested in leveraging technology, in particular AI, to augment the quality of human life. He previously worked for a few multi-nationals before joining ydev. If you’re interested in Computer Science, Machine Learning or Human-Centred Design, you can trust him to find you in a crowded room

Olayemi Abimbola

A Data scientist with a background in Electrical engineering. Having worked on several data science and machine learning projects which include Cancer detection Model, text generation models, Recommendation engines, Image generation models using GAN’s, Image compression with Variational Auto Encoders. He also worked on a library that helps make teaching deep learning a branch of machine learning to children.

Bernard O’Bien

Ben is an Engineer working with Technology and passionate about Education. He has a decade of industry experience spanning different market verticals: Financial Services, Telcos, SMEs, and Start-Ups. He previously worked for some multi-nationals before joining YDev. He enjoys helping people reach their potentials using technology as a medium and loves to run.