Train your employees for the future

The technology landscape is ever-changing, the skills needed to succeed in the corporate workforce are rarely static. That’s why YDev’s enterprise curriculum is dynamic and tailored to match the needs of employees and employers around the globe.

With YDev’s distributed physical campuses and the flexibility of our online programs, we can teach any employee, anywhere. If your company is looking to adopt a new approach to team training instead of adopting a whole team, we can help

Transform your workforce


Access to hire from a vast pipeline of diverse Ydev graduates, along with our partner job placement services.

Discover qualified new talent via graduates of Ydev Schools programs

Establish long-term hiring visibility through a consistent talent pipeline

Bespoke new hire training, based on company specific culture, goals, and technologies.

Accelerate new hire ramp period and decrease new hire churn rates

Increase new hire productivity through a tailored onboarding experience, focused specifically on your company’s tech stack


Short-form courses to improve technical fluency among all employees to increase productivity in their current roles.

Empower employees, by ensuring that their skills remain relevant and up-to-date

Provide employees with the tools and platforms to identify and solve real business challenges

Fill hard-to-hire technical roles with employees already invested in your company's mission, vision, and goals

Minimize cost and resources associated with attrition, recruiting, and new hiring

Long-form courses to retrain non-technical employees, with the intent of placing them into technical and specialized roles within your company


World-class coaching and job placement services for exiting employees in pursuit of future opportunities

Showcase support to exiting employees by helping them re-launch their careers

Maintain and ensure a high quality brand image and positive company reviews

Company funded scholarships focused on certain student populations to go through Ydev School’s program.

Support key communities and demographic populations important to your company

Drive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) goals by democratizing access to technical careers

What We Teach

We do two things extremely well. First, we are committed to getting you hired by training you in the digital skills and confidence you need. Second, we can accelerate your career by teaching and exposing you to new tools and methods so that you can produce results and bring greater value to your workplace.

Infuse design thinking fundamentals into all corners of your organization. Grow your dedicated design team or ensure employees across all functions know how to approach problems creatively.

Advance your career by learning to explore, interact and visualize with data better, from entry-level analytics all the way to advanced machine learning.

Infuse product thinking into all corners of your organization. Grow your team to think in terms of product. Ensure employees have cross functional skill product development to launch, and iterations to marketing in all stages of the product life cycle.

Increase your team's velocity with programming skills. We can help your team become an elite engineering team, or just interact better with digital transformative tools

Learn up to date collaboration between different approaches to software delivery that development and operations teams use to build, test, deploy to cloud to production faster in an automated and repeatable way.

Benefits of partnering with YDev for Enterprise

Train your workforce to take on in-demand roles such as coding, data, business, IT and design. We recommend courses adapted to the needs of your teams, business and individuals.

Curriculum Mapping

Helping enterprise business / clients re-tool their workforce based on customizable curriculums.

Change is constant

Providing fast paced start-up concept / iteration for enterprise businesses

Upskill teams / employees

Empowering businesses to be intentional about increasing diversity of skills by building their own talents

Less micromanagement

Reduce churn amongst staff/employees and minimize dissatisfaction in their roles or career progression/ growth.

Our Partners

We have collaborated with top curriculum experts and industry professionals to ensure you are 100% prepared for that career you desire

Reach out to us

You can call us on +234 816 662 6000 or reach out to us via email at enterprise@ydev.academy Furthermore, you can drop some details below and we’ll reach out to you.

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