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Our schools are designed to help you acquire skills with real-world applications. With project based active learning, your mastery of the topics translates into skills that put you in the top percentile in the labour market.


  • Introduction to Design

    20 hours
  • Fundamentals of UX

    3 hours
  • Creating a Design System

    8 hours
  • Low Fidelity Design

    40 hours
  • High Fidelity Design

    8 hours
  • Product Animation

    16 hours
  • Prototyping

    3 hours
  • A/B Testing

    3 hours


  • Assessing Target Opportunities

    20 hours
  • Determining the Target Customer

    20 hours
  • From Ideas to Action

    50 hours
  • Build and Launch Product

    50 hours
  • Measuring & Iterating on your Product

    10 hours


  • Introduction to Python & Python for Data Science

    46 hours
  • Introduction to SQL

    10 hours
  • Data Science with R

    16 hours
  • Data Visualization with Power BI/Tableau

    10 hours
  • Data Ethics

    6 hours


  • Cloud Fundamentals

    20 hours
  • Deploying Infrastructure as code

    30 hours
  • Building CI/CD Pipelines, Monitoring & Logging

    10 hours
  • Microservices at scale using Kubernetes

    15 hours


  • Programming Fundamentals

    40 hours
  • Software Design & Architecture

    20 hours
  • Data Structures & Algorithms

    20 hours
  • Computer Networks & Security

    10 hours
  • Java Script

    20 hours
  • Web & Mobile App

    50 hours
  • Database Systems

    10 hours
  • Recent Tech Stack

    50 hours

Training Hours: 300

Training Duration: 8 weeks


Training Hours: 200

Training Duration: 8 weeks


Training Hours: 400

Training Duration: 8 weeks


Training Hours: 400

Training Duration: 4 Months


Training Hours: 500

Training Duration: 6 Months

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Collins Iwuchukwu

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.

Debo Adegbite

Meeting other professionals from diverse fields also enhance my learning pace.. The Forums, discussions, Assignment all combine. Its been a WOW experience.I can't wait to enrol for the advanced stage.

Anthony C. Umeh

“I went to Ydev not knowing anything about data science and programming but with a lot of interest in the topic. It was a worthy journey, I returned to my job with so much data and programming skills that I started automating my tasks to the surprise of colleagues.”

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Today’s digital economy requires a rare combination of qualities: advanced technical skills, a high-level of foresight and adaptability.

Our mission at Ydev Academy is to equip our students with the necessary digital and future skills, to nurture confident, competent and imaginative professionals brave enough to pursue their ambitions.

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